Tuttle, Lanceelot J

Letter Carrier, Nice Guy, Criminal Underling

crime: California Penal Code 530.5  Mail Theft

Details: Using his position as a US Mail Carrier, and his uncanny ability to ascertain package contents, Lance Tuttle executed the theft and marketing of various foreign home goods.

He refused to give up the mastermind of this particular organization, instead opting for a full confession

Deena, Paula

First Grade Teacher, Pastry Chef, Thief

Crime: Violated California Penal Code 487: Grand Theft

Details: Swiped a prized Mason from Fellow Bakenfresh Contestant, hoping to steal the secret to her competition’s prize winning entries.  Being a family heirloom, and roughly 150 years old, and upon appraisal, said “Mason Jar’s” worth is estimated at upwards of 30,000 USD.


Testerlowenstein, Jasmine and Onyx,

Twin Geniuses and the children of professor Julius Testerlowenstein.

crime: California Penal Code 518 Blackmail and Extortion

Details: The two prodigies found themselves caught up in a term paper selling ring.  Jasmine and Onyx would write stellar papers which were then sold to the highest bidder.  The buyers were then blackmailed.

CLEARED OF ALL CHARGES: While the pair did write the A+ papers, they were stolen and sold via underground network, the blackmail did not originate with the Testerlowensteins.  The case is still open pending further investigation.

Sharpe, Irma

Librarian. Scam Artist.

Crime: Violated California Penal Code 503: Embezzlement

Details: Overcharged for Overdue Library books and pocketed the profits.  Over the course of three decades she scammed the Public Library System and the area’s Students out of 1.5 million dollars.